The planet sun is formed by gaseous substances and it is like a sphere of fire.  The diameter of the sun is 14, 00,000 kilometers.  The diameter of the sun is greater than 10 times of the diameter of the Earth.  In the same way, the gravitational force of the sun is 30 times greater than the gravitational force of Earth.  The location of the sun is said to be approximately 15 crore kilometers away from our Earth.  In the size, the planet sun is 12,000 times bigger than the Earth.  Since all planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Raghu, Kethu) are revolving around the sun and also considering the centre point as sun.  That is why the planet sun is called as Chief of planets.  Hence the person who is in top most position in any field is signified by the planet sun.

The father of a family is the chief of that family and all other persons in the family are depends with father.  Hence in family relationship, the planet sun denotes the father and his ancestors and also all politicians who are the power of Government.  That is president, Prime Minister, Chief Minister, All Ministers MPS, MLAS, national leaders, party leaders, general Managers of the companies are represented by the planet sun.

Hence the planet sun signifies the karaga of president

ship, courage, dominating nature, Dignity, Administrative capacity, Leadership capacity, Government Job, fame, Individuality, Employment, Status, Majestic look, Self-Prestige, “I”-ego, politics, Government, power and purpose of any work.

Of all planets, the planet sun has only the lighting power in the universe.  The light energy transmits from the planet sun to all other planets and all other planets reflect only the light energy of sun. Without light, we cannot see anything.  Hence the planet sun is the karaga for our eyes, and eye sight.  No creatures will not exist without light  in this universe.


Hence sun is the karaga for most of the important organs of the human body such as Head, Brain, Heart, Spinal cord, Hips and All Bones of the body.  The living creatures originated from the kind of worms and insects without spinal cord in their body during the initial periods of evolution.  Then after evolution only, animals and human being originated in the earth with spinal cord in their body.  Hence the creatures with spinal cord and Bones are having some status in the earth.  Hence the planet sun is the karaga for spinal cord and Bones of the Human body.

Since Sun is the fire planet, it is the karaga for the heat (temperature) of the body.  Most of the diseases (Fever, cold) are only caused by the change of heat (temperature) inside human body.  Hence the planet sun is the karaga for all Medical practices (Doctor) and all medicines. Just like the planet sun is the principal planet among all planets, the planet sun is also the karaga for soul of the Human body.

In one horoscope, the Ascendant plays the vital role to arrive the predictions of the native.  That Ascendant is determined by the sun (time of sun rise) only is known to all astrologers.  So the planet sun plays important role in determining the Ascendant house as well as all other 11 houses of the horoscope.

That is the determinations one’s destiny is only by the planet sun.  In that way, the determination of destiny of each house (By fixing the cusp of Ascendant) and the authority of work allocation to each and every planet is being maintained by the planet sun only.  Among all planets, the work of ‘SUN’ is like a “Hero” of the movie because the sun governs the duties & responsibilities of each & every plant.

Moreover, Day time, Mountains, Rocks, Forest, Lion, Wheat, copper, Red lotus flower, spicy taste, orange colour, Ruby stone, Lord siva and east direction are the karaga of the planet sun.

In most of the ancient astrology books, it was mentioned that the planet sun is the malefic planet.  Generally if we keenly observe the karaga of the sun, most of the karaga are with good aspects only.  Hence it is declared that the planet sun is 75% benefic in nature.