K.P. Astrology Software Download:

You can download K.P. Astrology Software here that is provided by Sri Prahaspathi Astrology Centre.  You can download this software and use if as a demo version. Click the link that is below demo version. Thank you.

Sample PDF Download
01. Sample General Full Chart (105 pages) including graph calculator – Click Here
02. Sample Marriage matching Advanced KP Method – Click Here
02. Sample Graph Calculator – Click Here
03. Sample Transit Analaysis – Click Here

Download Tools:

Download Font 01
Download Font 02
Windows Ultimate
Acrobat Reader (Pdf Software)

For those who have Doggle key under Serial No 2000, please pay to upgrade to version 10.0, get the activation code and download (DOWNLOAD) Version 10.0. Install the downloaded software Version 10.0 on your computer  when the software is not in use. This will be your upgrade (Update).

Those who use PDF, download BIO-PDF Software which will be useful. JPG writer software is very useful for those who wants to convert the screen to PDF or JPG Image…

Software Last Updated:

Software Last Updated
Version 10.0 : 24-09-2023 Time: 10.00 AM
Version 06.0 : 30-06-2020 Time: 06.15 Am

Lower Level Software – Rs.9000 /-

Default Languages available: Tamil & English, Rasi , Navamsa , Divisional Charts ( D1 , D2, D3, D4 , D7, D9, D10, D16, D20, D24, D27, D30, D60 ), Standard KP Chart , Cuspal and planetary positions using New Comb KP Ayanamsa House Lord, Star Lord, Sub Lord and Sub-Sub Lord for each position and Up to SSSS Level , Adjust Birth Time, Ruling planets , Horrory Charts , Basic Cuspal Interlinks and Planets Interlinks , Extended Cuspal Interlinks and Planets Interlinks , Detailed Cuspal Significators , Conventional old KP Significators , Dasas up to 4 levels ( Sukshma ), Report generating facility (PDF , JPG formats ) Condensed One Page Report , Print Up to 105 Pages , Database Search Option , Backup and Restore Option , Database Export in Excel Format

Premium Level Software – Rs 13500 /-

With all lower version features and Marriage matching, Numerology, Graph Calculator for planets and Bhavas, Day Analysis, Transit Analysis, RP Analysis, Linked Horoscopes, Filter Horoscopes, Analytic Search, Update Analytics, Traditional and KP Panchanjagam , Mukurtham , Planets movement Calculation , Location Map, Lagna Entry for Rasi, Custom Ayanamsa, A5 Print , Default Language Available: Tamil and English.


1. Other than Tamil & English (Default), Also Hindi, Telugu, Kannadam, Malayalam languages are available in our software. For this, Per language Rs. 3,000 extra charges applicable.

For Sending Money:
Name: A.Devaraj
A.C. Number : 30126388859
Bank: State Bank of India
Branch : Porur, Chennai
IFSC Code: SBIN0005200

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