Planet Mars In Astrology

Generally the planet ‘Mars’ is the karaga

for the ‘Strength’ of the human body and the

deciding factor of the strength of the human body

are the “muscles” and thus the “muscles” of the

human body is the karaga of the planet mars.

When the muscles are given more work,

it will lead pain to the human body and hence the

planet mars is the karaga for all kinds of pain. The

strength of human body represents the energy,

power and capacity to bear anything strongly.

Among the parts of the human body, the

the valor of the individual

which is determined by the shoulders. Hence the

shoulders are the karagas of mars.

the planet mars denotes weapons

and sharp edged objects, the wounds and cuts of

the human body by the above weapons are also

the karagas of mars.

Particularly, the damage of the body by

the external objects due to some accidents or by

sports etc., and the exit of blood consequently

are the karagas of mars.

Hence the planet mars is the karaga for wounds, injury cuts, surgery, the diseases with acute pain, the vulnerabilities over the body by hit of external objects (murder, damage of organs), rudeness, touchiness and angriness of the human body.