Planet Mercury In Astrology

The planet Mercury is the smallest planet

among all 9 planets in the universe. Since Mercury

is revolving the solar system in highest speed, it

represents the karagas of fast actions

communications, intelligence and minute matters

in astrology.

All activities of the human body are

coordinated and controlled by the nervous system

only and this nervous system transmits the signals

received from any parts or organs of the body to

the brain for further action.

Hence in Medical astrology, the planet

Mercury denotes all nerves in the human body, all

sensing organs and smart skills of the native.

It is a common rule that every planet

activate the karagas of all 12 houses. But the planet

Mercury strongly activates the karagas of 3rd and

9th houses which denote communications when

compared with other planets.

Particularly the karagas of 3rd house in

respect of medical astrology such as fibre nutrients,

blood circulation, memory power, flexibility of the

body, changes in the body by metabolism and slim

body structure are all belongs to the karagas of

the planet Mercury.

Also the karagas of 9th house such as

proactive thoughts, sub conscious activities, pro

defensive activities and longest nerves of the human

body and all the above karagas also belong to the

planet Mercury.

Since the planet Mercury is the karaga for

all minute matters, the diseases caused by the

karagas of Mercury also very minute and not easy

to diagnose and identify the diseases in time. It

leads the cause of the disease will not be known

till the disease attains more severe.

The causes of disease mainly by the

karagas of the planet Mercury are only in the inner

organs of the body like varicose or nerve disorder.