Planet Moon In Astrology

The planet moon is in second rank

after the planet sun among all planets in the aspect

of star category. The planet sun is the karaga for

the “soul” whereas the planet moon is the karaga

for the entire human body. the moon is the karaga for any

quick changes, it will change its shape and

character quickly. So all food items which are

perishable quickly (cooked foods, vegetables and

milk) are the karagas of the planet moon.

Hence the planet moon denotes the

sickness or diseases caused by food poison of

any kind of food. Even though the planet sun is

the karaga for the brain, the thoughts emerged from

that brain is the karaga of moon only. Hence the

planet moon can also be called as “Manokarakan”

or “The planet of thoughts”.

Since the planet moon is the watery planet

and the karaga for all kinds of travels (change from

one place to another place), it is the karaga for

blood inside the human body which is travelling

all over the body.

The planet ‘Moon’ is the karaga for both

human body and blood also, if the huge loss of

blood happens from the body, it will create the

risk of life of the native.

Most of the diseases are caused by

the deficiency of particular nutrients in the blood

and hence the diseases like high blood pressure

and spoilage of blood are the karagas of the planet, Moon.