Planet Raghu In Astrology

Unlike all other planets, the planets Raghu

and Kethu are not natural planets and both are

mentioned by ancient astrologers as artificial


In that way, the planets Raghu and Kethu

are artificial planets and it is to be noted that artificial

matters are always against with natural matters in

all aspects.

In general astrology, the character of Raghu

is to make anything huge or wide. In that way in

medical astrology the planet Raghu is the planet to

make some abnormal growth of cells in a particular

organ and convert that organ to a strange one. In

other words, a particular organ does not possess

its actual or original shape but has some abnormal

huge shape or size is the karaga of the planet Raghu.

The corresponding organ or part of the

human body of one particular house having the

planet Raghu as its cuspal sub lord, that organ or

part is mostly in huge size rather than natural size.

If the part or organ is in original shape or size,

there may be chances to develop some tumours or

warts in that organ.

For example, if the planet of CSL of 2nd

house is Raghu then the nose, eyes and teeth are

bigger in size.

If the planet Raghu placed as CSL of one

particular house and interlinks with 6,8,12 houses,

the tumours or warts of the respective organ or

part will do some harm to the body of the native.

The above tumours or warts will develop as cancer

in due course and native will suffer by the above


Since the planet Raghu is an artificial

planet, it denotes all artificial foods. It is obvious

that all artificial matters destroy the natural matters

in all respect. Assume the nature as a soul then the

duty of artificial is to destroy that soul.

All liquors and toxins are made artificially

and having some poisonous substances. Hence

they are the karagas of Raghu.

The planet ‘Saturn’ is the karaga planet

for death is obvious. Since the planet Raghu is

having similar karagas as that of the planet Saturn

and do anything in a grand manner, the planet Raghu

is the karaga for all multiple deaths by bus, train or

flight accidents. Since the planet Raghu has the

elevated karagas of Saturn.

It is verified during some major accidents

and revealed that most of the multiple accidents

happened during the kochar of Raghu in mundane