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About KP Astrology Master A.Devaraj

           Sri Prahaspathi KP Astrology Institute Founder , Jothishs Kalaanithi A.Devaraj was born in a traditional family in Arani, in the district of Thiruvannamalai , Tamil Nadu State , India . As he got interest in astrology at his young age, he learned Indian traditional astrology. Then he learned Advanced KP Stellar Astrology ( Cuspal Interlink Theory ) from “Prasanna Jothida Mani” Thilak K.Baskaran from Madurai.

Jothisha Kalaanithi A.Devaraj started astrology services as a profession at his age of twenty. He has got nearly 33 years of experience in astrology services. At his age of 30, he started teaching Advanced KP Stellar Astrology.

In the short period of time he has created thousand of astrologers. Among those astrologers many are doing astrology services as Astrologer , Astrology Teachers, full time profession and part time profession. To bring all the astrologers who learned stellar astrology from Master A.Devaraj together, he started an Association named as ALL INDIA STELLAR ASTROLOGERS ASSOCIATION in the year 2006. In this association monthly astrology meeting and yearly astrology conference are held successfully under the leadership of Master A.Devaraj.

He has written more than Twenty Advanced KP Astrology books briefly, clearly and easy understandable way which will be useful for his students and people who have interest in astrology to learn KP Astrology System. He has got thousands of readers for the books he has written. Through his Astrology book readers and astrologers those who are created by him, he has got recognition by the world of KP astrology.

Advanced KP Astrology Master A.Devaraj take astrology classes at lower fees which includes like Basic Astrology Class Room Training and Advanced KP Astrology Class Room Training , and Advanced KP Astrology Online Zoom Class Training , and Also predicting horoscope in the method of Advanced KP Astrology ( Cuspal Interlink Theory ) and giving solutions,Like Horoscope General Predictions, Timing of Events , Current Dasa Bukthi Predictions , Birth Time Rectification, Job and Profession Advice , Marriage and Marriage Matching, etc,.

People who are interested to know their horoscope predictions can get appointment for direct consultation or contact through phone , Whattsup to get predictions and solutions.

👉 He has traveled for about 33 years in the field of astrology.. So far he has seen more than 55,000 horoscopes.

So far he has written 20 books in Advanced KP Astrology in both Tamil and English languages. It is particularly noteworthy here that the book written by him created a great revolution in the world of KP Astrology.

👉 So far, he has imparted astrology training to more than 7,500 Students through about 625 classes. In today’s environment, seeing 7,500 clients is a big deal in the field of astrology, but his creation of 7,500 students In KP Astrology is admirable .

👉 In order to Integrate ( Unity) the students who have studied From him, he has established the All India Astrologers Association and has successfully conducted 12 conferences so far.

👉 Also, in order to share his experiences in the field of KP Astrology from time to time.. he conducts a monthly seminar every month at his Pragaspati Astrology Training Center. So far he has successfully chaired 206 Monthly seminars.

👉 He has published more than 2000 videos on his channel called Advanced KP Stellar Astrology on YouTube and has received around 45 lakh views so far. And it is significant here that he has 27,000+ KP Astrologer are following him.

As far as the YouTube site is concerned in general.. Although this 27K+ Subscribers is a small number..

In the growing field of KP Astrology, i.e. only sharing views related to KP Astrology subjects ((not common videos related to Rasi, Nakshatra Benefit)) is not uncommon to get this level of support.

👉 Next and most importantly, he has developed and released USER FRIENDLY Software called “Advanced KP Stellar Astrology Software” in the field of astrology. It is noteworthy here that not only Advanced KP astrologers, but also astrologers who follow the traditional method and why many people who run Browsing Center are using this software.

👉 Master A.Devaraj is uplifting his students who studied under him not only as astrologers but also as teachers. Many students who trained under him are today great astrologers and book writers. This astrological world calls he as a “ Great GURU ” because he makes his students into teachers.

It is a great privilege to have such a guru in this age.

He has Published more than fifty useful KP Astrology books in his Pragaspati Astrology Training Center a simple, detailed and clear style for his students and astrology enthusiasts to learn Advanced KP astrology well. It is also noteworthy that through the astrology books written by him, thousands of readers and astrologers created by him, the whole astrology world has given due recognition to him as a young man.
Course Details :
Basic Astrology Direct Class Room Course – 2 Months ( Only Tamil Medium )
Advanced KP Astrology Direct Class Room Course – 10 Days ( Tamil And English Medium )
Advanced KP Astrology Online Zoom Class Course – 2 Months ( Tamil And English Medium )

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1.Advanced KP Astrology Books ( Tamil And English Medium ) ,
2.Advanced KP Astrology Software ( Tamil , English ,Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, and Malayalam )

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