Unlock the Secrets of the Cosmos with Advanced KP Astrology Classes

Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of Advanced stellar Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP) astrology with world-renowned expert, Jothisha Kalaanithi A.Devaraj. With over 33 years of experience and 7,500+ successful students, our comprehensive courses offer unparalleled insights into this powerful predictive system. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced astrologer, our tailored programs will elevate your understanding and practice of KP astrology, opening doors to profound cosmic wisdom and accurate predictions.

 Why Choose Our KP Astrology Classes?

– Learn from a master with 33+ years of experience

– Join a community of 7,500+ successful students

– Access to exclusive Advanced KP Stellar Astrology techniques

– Flexible learning options: classroom and online courses

– Affordable fees for world-class education

 Course Offerings

  1. Basic Astrology Classroom Training (2 months, Tamil medium)
  2. Advanced KP Astrology Classroom Training (3 days, Tamil and English)
  3. Advanced KP Astrology Online Zoom Class (2 months, Tamil and English)
KP Astrology Services

– Get personalized KP astrology readings from Master A.Devaraj

– 55,000+ horoscopes analyzed over 33 years

– Precise predictions using Cuspal Interlink Theory

– Practical solutions for all life aspects

– Transform your life with accurate astrological guidance

Services Include:

– General horoscope predictions

– Event timing

– Dasa Bukthi predictions

– Birth time rectification

– Career and profession advice

– Marriage compatibility analysis

Meet the Visionary Behind Sri Prahaspathi KP Astrology Institute

Jothisha Kalaanithi A.Devaraj is not just an astrologer; he’s a revolutionary force in the world of KP astrology. From humble beginnings in Arani, Tamil Nadu, he has risen to become a globally recognized authority in Advanced KP Stellar Astrology. As the founder of Sri Prahaspathi KP Astrology Institute and the All India Stellar Astrologers Association, A.Devaraj has dedicated his life to spreading the profound wisdom of KP astrology. His innovative approach, including the Cuspal Interlink Theory, has transformed thousands of lives and created a new generation of skilled astrologers.

 About Our Guru

– Jothisha Kalaanithi A.Devaraj: KP astrology pioneer

– Founder of Sri Prahaspathi KP Astrology Institute

– Globally recognized authority in Advanced KP Stellar Astrology

– Creator of the innovative Cuspal Interlink Theory

– Transformed thousands of lives through KP astrology


– Founded Sri Prahaspathi KP Astrology Institute

– Trained 7,500+ proficient astrologers

– Authored 20+ groundbreaking KP Astrology books

– Developed Advanced KP Stellar Astrology Software

– Hosted 206+ successful monthly seminars

Why Choose Us:

– 33+ years of professional experience

– 55,000+ horoscopes analyzed

– Author of 20+ KP Astrology books

– Creator of user-friendly KP Astrology software

– Personalized solutions for your challenges

Join Us:

– Learn from a true KP astrology master

– Become part of a thriving astrology community

– Gain expertise for personal growth or professional practice

– Access unparalleled mentorship and guidance

– Unlock the secrets of the cosmos with KP astrology

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