Online KP Astrology Course

Sri Mahaganapatheye Namaha

Dear Sir/ Madam , Namaskar and Thanks For to Enquire our Online Zoom Class.

I want to Give Some Information About Our Advanced KP Astrology Online Zoom Class Classes.

For those who know basic astrology, you can learn Advanced KP Astrology from the comfort of your own home.

In this KP Astrology training Students will be taught to predict the results easily in a short period of time (3 months) and see marriage compatibility through Advanced KP Astrology. By the end of this course you will have the confidence to pursue astrology Profession as a full-time career.

It is noteworthy that in the last twenty years more than 7500 astrologers have learned this directly from from our Institute and they are doing astrology as a full-time/part-time profession.

Qualification : Should have some basic knowledge in Astrology. Or should have studied in any astrology training center for about six months.

New Online Zoom Class training courses start Every year January, April, July, October Month (English Medium)

1. 45 Nos Pre Recording Videos ( 30 Minutes Each )

2. Study Materials

3. 15 days Online Zoom (Doubts Clarify ) Class

Wednesday and Weekend Doubts Clarify Classes (45 Minute – 15 Classes ) Through Zoom Meeting

Wednesday , Friday & Saturday – 7.00 Pm to 7.45Pm IST

Doubts Clarify Classes are also Recorded and upload in You tube and it will be sent all Students through You tube Private Link .

Course Fees : Rs 7500

Once Course Payment ( Rs 7500) Received,

1. Immediately Within 24 Hours , 45 Nos Pre Recording Videos and Study Materials to be sent Their Whatsapp and Email ID

2. Our Students only can see Our 45 nos Pre regarding Videos (Life Long they can see it will not be Delete ).

Students Doubts will be clear the Following Ways .

1. 45 minutes Zoom Meeting

2. Students are welcome to ask their Doubts in this whatsup Group also .

3. These Doubts ( Through whatsup Group ) will be Clear in upcoming Zoom Meeting.

For any Clarification Please call My Cell : 9382339084
or Whatsapp Group Admin Mr. Rajasekar Cell: 8778590567

Topics Covered in 45 Nos Pre Recording Videos :-

1.Importance of Cuspal Interlinks in Advanced KP Astrology

2.Principles and Rules In Cuspal Links (CSL) in Advanced KP Astrology

3.Inner and Outer Bhava in Advanced KP Astrology

4.Applications of Cuspal Links(CSL) in Advanced KP Astrology

5.Birth Time Rectification in Advanced KP Astrology

6.Favourable and Unfavourable Combination for Finance/Money in Advanced KP Astrology

7.Timing of Marriage and Marriage Matching Analysis in Advanced KP Astrology

8. Destiny of Diseases and Medical Astrology in Advanced KP Astrology

9.Basic and Higher Education in Advanced KP Astrology

10.Finance , Wealth , Active and Passive income and Property in Advanced KP Astrology

11.Child Birth Analysis in Advanced KP Astrology

12. Foreign Travel Analysis in Advanced KP Astrology

13. Job and Professional Analysis in Advanced KP Astrology

14.Dasa , Bhukthi, Anthra and Sukshma Analysis in Advanced KP Astrology

15. Transit Analysis in Advanced KP Astrology

16.Timing of Events Analysis in Advanced KP Astrology

17.Horary/Prasanna Prediction Technique in Advanced KP Astrology

18. Share Market Analysis in Advanced KP Astrology

19. Business Analysis in Advanced KP Astrology

20. Various Horoscope Analysis in Advanced KP Astrology

Note : – Those who are coming to the online or offline training can watch our Advanced KP Stellar Astrology training classes by watching our you tube videos on the following you tube link click here

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