12 Bhava Karakas


          1st Bhava (Lagna Bhava): – Head, forehead, brain, soul, longevity, general physique, ability to enjoy all, individuality, personal skill, executing skill, proactive, health, immunity, antibodies, prestige leadership, modesty, character,  the lagna bhava has the karakas of the all bhavas.  The karakas of every bhava are distributed only from lagna bhava.

            2nd Bhava Karakas :-     Face, structure of face, mouth, teeth ,tongue, eyes, nose, chin, speaking, vision, calories in the body, childhood education, all materials, metals, ornaments, gemstones, cereals, grams , ways of money fetching and spending, kinder garden, liquid money, capacity to safeguard money, Eligibility to enjoy wealth, decisions to safeguard wealth, pain or  death of wife/husband.

            3rd bhava Karakas :-     Hands, shoulder, neck, ear, nervous system, blood, vessels, sensing organs, younger brothers and sisters, mental strength, courage, self-confidence, condensing anything, easement, ability to study anything, wide knowledge, smart work , all changes, small travels, transfers, roads, letter, writing, agreement, registration, communication, news, advertisement, press, lease, sales, ropes, wires,  pipes, cell phones, computers, news, update, easy to access, reduction of calories in the body, slim body, formation of next evolution etc.

            4th bhava Karakas  :-     Lungs, chest areas, primary education, virginity, mother, uncle, artificial, infertility, logical thinking ,primary education, Assurance, heavy objects not easy to lift, home, lands, vehicles, wealth, working in the same place, equipment,  construction, liquid money more than enough, materials, ability to make the same, template, stable matters, matters as it is always, relatives, raw materials, native place, mother, house hold appliances.


          5th bhava Karakas:-   Heart, spine, sexual hormones , sperm, ovum, fertility, children, ability to give progeny, antibodies, entertainment, beauty, posterous, sense, commentary, praising, amusement, love, play, arts, gambling, cinema, acting, music, lust, sex, attraction,  sentiments, artificial sugar, fantasy, feeling, hospitality, affection, commission, donation of  food, donation of  cloths, nature, children, mingle with others with no enmity.


          6th bhava Karakas :-     Stomach, food, dress, disease, virus, germs, medicine, physical work, monthly salary, domination , doing better than others, defeating others, victory, enmity, litigation, creating  enemies by neglecting others, lonely life, temporarily received  materials to be returned , debt, rent, more wealth, employers, slaves, pets, cattle, agriculture.


          7th bhava Karakas:-     Centre part of the human body, kidneys, ovaries, balancing of body, equal persons, wife/husband, married life, exchange of lust,  pair, sharing anything, trading, give & take policy, customers, clients, public, neutralists, social respect, meeting persons, transparency, attachment, mingling character, dependence to others.

          8th bhava Karakas:-     Reproductive organs, pain, suffer, humiliation, dishonesty, disloyalty, sorrow, deduce, unexpected events, negative events, Accidents, damage of organs of the body, murder, death, robbery, strike, loot, theft, enemies, all obstructions, scandal, offence to god, Insult , bad name, unachievement of anything, all efforts become futile, corruption, life insurance amount, death bed, death struggle.


          9th bhava Karakas :-    Hip, Anus, Buttocks, spiritual, inner conscious, bliss, perspicacious, confidence, loyalty, mercy, dharma, honesty, higher education, research, luck, accepting wealth as donation, speculation, deep sleep, heredity, legacy ,father, ancestors, native wealth, long distance, foreign, international business, foreign members, nature, God’s gift, temple, law & order, legal department, morality, dead lock of money, deviate from business.

          10th bhava Karakas :-     Thigh, liver, small intestine, big intestine, duties, responsibilities, government, commanding, respect over job, power, Professional Recognition, top rank in profession, higher post, authority, chief in charge, subsistence, social respect, administrative capacity, promotion, permanent job, manufacturing anything in huge quantity, factory, industrialist, entrepreneur, legends in business, ISI brand holder, awards from government, funerals to parents, unsatisfied condition in profession.

          11th bhava Karakas :-     Knees, knee joints, vitamins, satisfaction, fulfillment of wishes, cheers, stamina, aim, easy victory, net profit, savings of money,  sustained happiness, contentment in profession, prosper, well-wishers,  old friends, loyalists, cure of disease, reduction of expenditures, savings, retrieval of full debts with interest, group of likeminded people, club, society, gathering,  meeting, conference, peak of education level like Ph.D.

          12th bhava Karakas :-     Paws (foot), all excretory products of the human  body, sleep, second profession, more branches in business ,smuggling, illegal business, profession by tax evasion, long investment, loss, secret activities,  conspire plans, incoherent puzzles, deactivation of parts of the body, paralysis, inferiority complex, being idle, failure, surrender, run out from native, secret living, prison, taking treatment in hospital as inpatient,  living in a new environment, getting green card in foreign and living,  cut off or removing some organs of the body, damage of body, last breath, ‘Moksha’.

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