9 Planets karaga


       The planet Sun represents the important organs of the human body such as soul, head, brain, Eye , heart , spinal cord and entire bones of the body. So Head ache, fits, wound in head, trauma in head, stroke, fever, brain fever, deficiency of calcium content in the body, the fracture of bones during accident, the structure of bone changes at the time of birth, polioattack, affecting the spinal cord, not able stand and walk straight and total bone system of the body bends towards front and damage in heart.

       Also the loss of vision of eye, all problems in eye and since the planet sun represents fire, it denotes the fire wound, the damage of the organs by fire and the other karaga for sun is long stay in the hospital due to fire accident. 

        Lastly the sun is the karaga for the diseases which give endanger to the longevity.



        The planet moon is in second rank. after the planet sun among all planets in the aspect of star category. The planet sun is the karaga for the “soul” whereas the planet moon is the karaga for the entire human body. the moon is the karaga for any quick changes, it will change its shape and character quickly. So all food items which are perishable quickly (cooked foods, vegetables and milk) are the karagas of the planet moon.

         Hence the planet moon denotes the sickness or diseases caused by food poison of any kind of food. Even though the planet sun is the karaga for the brain, the thoughts emerged from that brain is the karaga of moon only. Hence the planet moon can also be called as “Manokarakan” or “The planet of thoughts”. 

         Since the planet moon is the watery planet and the karaga for all kinds of travels (change from one place to another place), it is the karaga for blood inside the human body which is travelling all over the body. The planet ‘Moon’ is the karaga for both human body and blood also, if the huge loss of  blood happens from the body, it will create the risk of life of the native.

            Most of the diseases are caused by the deficiency of particular nutrients in the blood and hence the diseases like high blood pressure and spoilage of blood are the karagas of the planet, Moon.


        Generally the planet ‘Mars’ is the karaga for the ‘Strength’ of the human body and the deciding factor of the strength of the human body are the “muscles” and thus the “muscles” of the human body is the karaga of the planet mars.

        When the muscles are given more work, it will lead pain to the human body and hence the planet mars is the karaga for all kinds of pain. The strength of human body represents the energy,

        power and capacity to bear anything strongly.Among the parts of the human body, the the valor of the individual which is determined by the shoulders. Hence the shoulders are the karagas of mars. the planet mars denotes weapons and sharp edged objects, the wounds and cuts of the human body by the above weapons are also the karagas of mars. Particularly, the damage of the body by the external objects due to some accidents or by sports etc., and the exit of blood consequently are the karagas of mars.

         Hence the planet mars is the karaga for wounds, injury cuts, surgery, the diseases with acute pain, the vulnerabilities over the body by hit of external objects (murder, damage of organs), rudeness, touchiness and angriness of the human body.


       The planet Mercury is the smallest planet among all 9 planets in the universe. Since Mercury is revolving the solar system in highest speed, it represents the karagas of fast actions communications, intelligence and minute matters in astrology. All activities of the human body are coordinated and controlled by the nervous system only and this nervous system transmits the signals received from any parts or organs of the body to the brain for further action.

            Hence in Medical astrology, the planet Mercury denotes all nerves in the human body, all sensing organs and smart skills of the native. It is a common rule that every planet

activate the karagas of all 12 houses. But the planet Mercury strongly activates the karagas of 3rd and 9th houses which denote communications when compared with other planets. Particularly the karagas of 3rd house in respect of medical astrology such as fibre nutrients, blood circulation, memory power, flexibility of the body, changes in the body by metabolism and slim body structure are all belongs to the karagas of the planet Mercury.

           Also the karagas of 9th house such as proactive thoughts, sub conscious activities, pro defensive activities and longest nerves of the human body and all the above karagas also belong to the planet Mercury. Since the planet Mercury is the karaga for all minute matters, the diseases caused by the karagas of Mercury also very minute and not easy to diagnose and identify the diseases in time. It leads the cause of the disease will not be known till the disease attains more severe.The causes of disease mainly by the karagas of the planet Mercury are only in the inner organs of the body like varicose or nerve disorder.


       In the philosophy of general astrology, the planet Jupiter refers spirituality, deity’s (God) and natural aspects. The same analogy is applied in medical astrology for the karagas of Jupiter such as natural aspect of the human body, spiritual power attained by the body, positive thoughts and decent food habits or natural food habits of the native.

      The 5,9 houses denote the karagas of natural and spirituality. Most of the karagas of 5,9 houses are interrelated with the karagas of the planet Jupiter. In the aspect of general astrology, the planet Jupiter is mentioned as “Dhanakaraga” or “the planet of money”. Here the term of money means the extra amount of money beyond the day to day requirements. By the above points of view, in the field of medical astrology, the planet Jupiter denotes the energy (calories) inside the body.  

 Note : Energy (calories) inside the body is Inner Karagha and  Money is the Outer Karagha. One cannot stand without Energy (calories)  or One cannot live in this world without money.

       By the above points of view, in the field of medical astrology, the planet Jupiter denotes the energy (calories) inside the body. The extra energy stored inside the body in the form of “fat” for future use and the planet Jupiter is the karagas of that “fat” stored inside the human body. Since the planet Jupiter is the biggest planet and denotes the energy (calorie) also, it is the karaga for the biggest organ of the human body such as stomach region.

        In that way, if the planet Jupiter interlinks with inner biased odd houses only in the horoscope of one native, then there will not be any storage of unwanted fat in the stomach area of the native and the excess energy exit then and there. If the planet Jupiter interlinks with 8,12 houses and spoiled itself, there are some problems in producing the progeny, storing of excess energy into fat in the stomach region, insufficient fat nutrient in the body, obesity and some diseases are likely to attack in the organs of stomach area (liver, spleen and small intestines).

        Since the planet Jupiter represents the nature, it is the karagas for all fruits which are  available by nature only. All natural fruits have very low calories only. Also the planet Jupiter is the karaga for yellow colour and that is why most of the natural fruits are in yellow colour. Since the planet Jupiter has most of the benefic karagas in nature compared with all other planets,it is the karaga for the “sweet” taste which is the superior taste of all others. That is the sweetness arrived from natural fruits, natural fruit juice, sugarcane juice and honey  are the karagas of the planet Jupiter.

         Especially in most of the fruit offerings to God (Jupiter) are Banana and coconut which are having of plenty of vitamins and other minerals. If the coconut is consumed without mix with anything, it will boost the immunity power of

human body.


       The planet Jupiter is the karaga for all fruits of natural sweetness whereas the planet Venus is the karaga for all artificial sweets. In brief, the sugarcane juice is the karaga of Jupiter. But that sugarcane juice is mixed with some chemicals and then ‘sugar’ is produced in the sugar factories. So sugar is the karaga of Venus. All natural foods are prone for some change with respect to time but the unnatural foods are not prone for any change easily by itself. 

        For example, a raw mango cannot be stored for a month but the juice made from mango and other ingredients can be stored for a month. In that way, the planet Venus is the karaga for all processed foods, all fast foods and junk foods. In statistical review, it was found that the diabetic patients were more in the group of millionaires only before 40 years. But now the diabetic patients are there in all income groups and the no of diabetic patients are also more within 60 years. It means there were no artificial food culture before 40 years as it is prevailing now. It is to be noted that for keeping one natural food for long time without spoiling, some chemicals should be added with that natural food. After that it automatically loses its originality of natural food and converts as artificial food.

      Further, the planet Venus is the karaga for all happiness. It is the karaga for all sexual hormones secrete inside the body. Since the planet Venus is the karaga for all artificial sweetness, the food with more carbohydrate will only be sweet so the planet Venus is the karaga for all food items with plenty of carbohydrates. In the food products made up of plenty of carbohydrate, the sweetness will be more.

      Since the planet Venus is the karaga for all hormones secrete inside the body. Hormone is a chemical substance released by a gland in the body to adjust the internal work of the cells of the body. Hence the planet Venus is karaga for the hormone which is “insulin”. Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas which regulates the amount of glucose in the blood. Insulin only permits cells to use glucose for energy. Cells cannot utilize glucose without insulin. Hence the planet Venus is the karaga for the pancreas of the human body.

       So if the natives where Venus doses not interlinks with 4,6,8,12 houses, their pancreas will be healthy for long time. If a person attacked by diabetics, he cannot involve more in sexual enjoyment and cannot get satisfaction. 


       The planet ‘Saturn’ revolves in the farthest orbit of the solar system and that is why it takes  more time to complete one round of sun. Hence  the planet Saturn is the karaga for delaines and also called as “Manthakaraga”. If one has some disability in the body, he cannot do any work in fast manner. Hence the planet Saturn is the karaga for handicapped person. If there is some problem or disability in the legs, he cannot perform, well just like others and some delay will occur to complete any work.

         Hence the planet ‘Saturn’ is the karaga for all problems or aliments in the area of legs of human being.

Since the planet Saturn is the karaga for all kinds of pain in the body, it is also the karaga for all diseases which give pain and the planet Saturn is the karaga for all kinds of dust and all kind of excretions from the body. Hence the planet Saturn is the karaga for the execratory organ such as kidney of human body which excretes the wastes from the blood. Also Saturn is the karaga for some infectious diseases caused by the hazards of ugly areas.

        The ‘sweatness’ of the human body is one kind of excretion of wastes. Since the sweatness excretes from the skin and the skin get dirty with bad odour quickly by the sweat. Therefore the skin is the karaga of Saturn. 

         The planet ‘Saturn’ is in black colour because it is in the last orbit of solar system and sun light cannot go to that end, and hence the planet Saturn is the karaga for black colour. Hence Saturn is the karaga for any kinds of skin disease and falling of hair from head. Generally Saturn is the karaga planet for humiliation and hence the diseases caused by the karagas of Saturn are always in humiliation nature. The disease of diabetics of a native is not usually said to be as a humiliating disease. But some skin diseases or some disability of the organs (like leprosy) will make the native to attain humiliation.

       In astrology, the planet Saturn is the representative for making delay of all matter. In that way, the planet Saturn delays the period of ‘soul’ to be released from the human body, hence the planet Saturn also called as “Ayulkaraga” or “karaga of longevity”.

       Particularly, the planet Saturn should not interlink with evil houses of lagna such as 8,12 houses. The 8,12th houses of the “houses of longevity”, 8th house which are 3,7 houses. Hence to have more longevity, the planet Saturn should not interlink with either 8, 12 houses or 3, 7 houses.


       Unlike all other planets, the planets Raghu and Kethu are not natural planets and both are mentioned by ancient astrologers as artificial planets. In that way, the planets Raghu and Kethu are artificial planets and it is to be noted that artificial matters are always against with natural matters in all aspects. 

      In general astrology, the character of Raghu is to make anything huge or wide. In that way in medical astrology the planet Raghu is the planet to make some abnormal growth of cells in a particular organ and convert that organ to a strange one. In other words, a particular organ does not possess its actual or original shape but has some abnormal huge shape or size is the karaga of the planet Raghu. 

     The corresponding organ or part of the human body of one particular house having the planet Raghu as its cuspal sub lord, that organ or part is mostly in huge size rather than natural size. If the part or organ is in original shape or size, there may be chances to develop some tumours or warts in that organ.

        For example, if the planet of CSL of 2nd house is Raghu then the nose, eyes and teeth are bigger in size. If the planet Raghu placed as CSL of one particular house and interlinks with 6,8,12 houses, the tumours or warts of the respective organ or part will do some harm to the body of the native. The above tumours or warts will develop as cancer in due course and native will suffer by the above disease.

        Since the planet Raghu is an artificial planet, it denotes all artificial foods. It is obvious that all artificial matters destroy the natural matters in all respect. Assume the nature as a soul then the duty of artificial is to destroy that soul. All liquors and toxins are made artificially and having some poisonous substances. Hence they are the karagas of Raghu.

       The planet ‘Saturn’ is the karaga planet for death is obvious. Since the planet Raghu is having similar karagas as that of the planet Saturn and do anything in a grand manner, the planet Raghu is the karaga for all multiple deaths by bus, train or flight accidents. Since the planet Raghu has the elevated karagas of Saturn. It is verified during some major accidents and revealed that most of the multiple accidents happened during the kochar of Raghu in mundane astrology.


        Just like the planet Raghu is having the similar karagas of the planet Saturn, the planet Kethu is also having the similar karagas of the planet Mars. The dasha periods of Mars and Kethu are same which is 7 years.

        Even though most of the karagas of the planet Kethu is similar to that of the planet Raghu, some karagas are entirely different from each other. The karaga of Raghu is to boast anything or make everything in a grand aspect, whereas the karaga of the planet Kethu is to disintegrate, destroy anything, deformation or break anything into small parts.

        In that aspect, if Kethu is positioned as CSL of any particular house, the part or organ of the respective house is smaller in size and shape. At the same time, if the CSL of that house of Kethu is not interconnected with 6,8,12 houses in any way, there will be no issues if the part or organ is smaller. But on contrary, if the CSL of that house of Kethu is interconnected with 6,8,12 houses, due to the smaller size of that particular part or organ of the body, it will not cooperate with other parts and organs of the body and hence there will be some issues in the health or activities of the native. So by the disconnection or amputation (karaga of Kethu) of the above organ or part will result the detachment of the organ if it is possible. As the planet Kethu is also an artificial planet just like Raghu, it denotes breaking of anything whereas the karaga of Raghu is to unite anything.

        The Raghu signify everything to be shown outside in a grand manner whereas the planet Kethu signify everything not to be shown outside and keep secret inside in a subtle manner. So the aspect of secret is one of the karaga of Kethu. So in medical astrology, all secret diseases and all diseases that are not diagnosed easily and properly are the karagas of Kethu only. That is the identification of exact location of a disease could not be diagnosed in time and the Doctors prescribe medicines randomly by some intuition of symptoms of the disease without knowing the exact nature of disease. The nature of that disease will be known only after the disease gets advanced stage. They are all the karagas of Kethu only.

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