Unit – 1 Basic Astrology Practice (Basic Astrology Practice)

Eligibility:- Interested in learning astrology and can read and write Tamil or English is sufficient

Training Timings:-

Every Sunday from 02.00 PM to 05.00 PM

Training Duration :- Training Duration: 2 months, 8 live training sessions

Booking Fee :-Rs. 2,500 /-and monthly fee payable during training is Rs.2000 /-

(ie 2,500 + 2x 2000 Total 6500 /-)

Important Note :-

Those taking Basic Astrology Training need not pay separate booking fee (Rs. 2500/-) to learn Advanced KP Stellar Astrology for three days. A fee of Rs.600/- per day is sufficient.

Special offer:

1. A discount of 20% on the booking fee will be given to those who wish to attend the class as a group i.e. three persons or more. Reservation is required for this.

2. This training is available only to those who have paid the registration fee and booked. We have limited admission to 15 first comers only.

3. Late arrivals will be allowed to attend the next Basic Astrology training classes. New training courses start every year in February, May, August and November.

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