The planet Sun represents the important organs of

the human body such as soul, head, brain, Eye , heart

, spinal cord and entire bones of the body.

So Head ache, fits, wound in head, trauma in

head, stroke, fever, , brain fever,

deficiency of calcium content in the

body, the fracture of bones during accident, the

structure of bone changes at the time of birth, polio

attack, affecting the spinal cord, not able stand

and walk straight and total bone system of the body

bends towards front and damage in heart.

 Also the loss of vision of eye, all problems

in eye and since the planet sun represents fire, it

denotes the fire wound, the damage of the organs

by fire and the other karaga for sun is long stay in

the hospital due to fire accident. Lastly the sun is

the karaga for the diseases which give endanger to

the longevity.